Ink Spot Gone?

So what happened at the end of Doug’s Ink Spot Story?

People keep asking me, “What did you do about your flaw—the ink spot on your new white dress shirt?” Some people figured I threw away the stained dress shirt. Others thought I should keep it as a reminder to always stick to my values.

So what happened to that stained white dress shirt anyway? How did that story end? What did I do next?

You’ll Never Believe What Really Happened

After Grady was courageous enough to warn me of my ridiculous predicament, he made me an offer: “Hey Doug, I can see that is a new, white dress shirt. Bring it by my car after this meeting, and I will take it to my dry-cleaning shop tonight. I will have it back to you in the morning, spot-free.”

I was uncomfortable handing over my dress shirt and driving home in just my T-shirt, but I did as Grady suggested. Sure enough, the next morning, my crisp, white dress shirt was hanging in a clear plastic dry cleaner bag, and the ink spot was gone!

Grady saved my shirt, but he did much more for me. I learned that by allowing somebody else to help me, I gave him a chance to shine. And I learned that by being a little vulnerable, I can improve too. My vulnerability actually helped somebody else and me in the process. Now that’s what I call a win-win!

Additional Lesson

Don’t let this example of excellent customer service go unheard. Grady earned my loyalty. I will never take my shirts anywhere except Grady Golden’s Hygienic Dry Cleaners.

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