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Why Company Strategies are Like Family Vacations

By Doug Sterbenz | October 9, 2019

Most companies have well-put-together strategies. They spend countless hours brainstorming, creating, refining and developing a comprehensive company strategy. The fact is, many times those company strategies never come to life. The reason why that’s the fact is best explained if you think about family vacations. Most of us have been on a family vacation of…

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What Color Are You Wearing Today?

By Doug Sterbenz | July 9, 2019

Note: In July, I always post about this bicycle race happening in France because of the valuable leadership lesson it teaches. Look at the picture above. Who is winning the race? You might think it is the person in front.  Nope, not in this race. The leader of the Tour de France is always the…

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Who is Watching You?

By Doug Sterbenz | June 10, 2019

What’s going on in this picture? What’s the little guy doing? That’s right, he’s watching his dad. Why is he watching his dad? Because he wants to grow up and be just like Dad. He wants to eat cereal like Dad, learn to read and write like Dad, work like Dad, do sports like Dad,…

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Keynote Lessons from the Symphony

By Doug Sterbenz | May 9, 2019

A few minutes before the start of the performance, as the crowd was still settling in, she stood up and moved to the front. Taking her violin, she played a single note. That one single note rose and filled the music hall. Then, all the other musicians began adjusting their particular instruments to the sound…

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Connection – The Key to Great Leadership

By Doug Sterbenz | April 5, 2019

Just stand by the exit doors of where you work and watch people’s faces light up when they leave work.  Why is that?  Because now that work is over, they get to go do what they really love to do. Great leaders change that.  Great leaders Connect People To what they really want to do…

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How Do Great Leaders Connect?

By Doug Sterbenz | March 7, 2019

How many times have you heard that the key to leadership is staying cool, reserved, and perhaps even a bit distant so that we can remain independent in our thinking and actions? If you answered, “quite a few,” you’re not alone. That’s what we are taught. In financial, legal and business management courses—the breeding grounds…

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