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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

By Doug Sterbenz | May 7, 2020

Two years into my first professional job as an engineer, I was promoted to Production Supervisor. The technical aspects of the job appealed to me, but I was not in tune with the leadership elements. I really blew it! The current COVID-19 situation reminds me of this early leadership lesson: Sid was the most senior…

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How to Be Present with COVID-19 Reality

By Doug Sterbenz | April 14, 2020

Leaders must be present for those they lead – physically, mentally and emotionally.  But, how can we be truly present for those we lead given all the restrictions during this COVID-19 Pandemic? Speakers and leadership coaches are inundating leaders with tons of leadership advice during this time.  I don’t believe that we can digest all…

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Performance Evaluations are Like Flat Tires

By Doug Sterbenz | February 10, 2020

Leaders are required to evaluate their employees’ performance, and usually the formal time for that is near the beginning of a new year. Most leaders don’t like to do performance evaluations. We all have our reasons, and those reasons seem to justify putting it off for another day. Maybe you think you are too busy…

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Leadership Lessons from the Superbowl Bound Chiefs

By Doug Sterbenz | January 20, 2020

Finally! The Kansas City Chiefs are back in the Superbowl. Those Chiefs fans have been watching and waiting for 50 years. I’ve been watching with them for many of those years. I love watching football. However, I really love what football can teach us leaders about being Present.   By now you have heard Doug…

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No Congratulations for My Mentor

By Doug Sterbenz | November 14, 2019

My mentor retired, but I did not send him a congratulations card. His name is Ed Platt and he was a giant in the industry for 50 years. He left a huge footprint—not only because of his monumental personal achievements, but because of those leaders he created and those he greatly influenced. Many leaders–including myself–rode…

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Why Company Strategies are Like Family Vacations

By Doug Sterbenz | October 9, 2019

Most companies have well-put-together strategies. They spend countless hours brainstorming, creating, refining and developing a comprehensive company strategy. The fact is, many times those company strategies never come to life. The reason why that’s the fact is best explained if you think about family vacations. Most of us have been on a family vacation of…

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