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We all want to take our leadership to the next level. There is no greater way to learn about leadership than from someone who has already done that in a big way.  Doug captivates leaders from the shop floor to the top floor. Doug will have instant leadership credibility in your organization from the front line to the executive suite.

Doug has incredible and fascinating stories to tell because he has lived them, and led people to dramatic personal improvement and organizations to achieve breakthrough results.

"Leaders take people to good places that they would not go on their own."

Effective and Relevant

Doug works extensively with you to fully customize his content to match exactly what you need for your audience. Doug uses real leadership stories from his actual business experience to drive home your desired points.


"A good speaker takes the time to learn your organization, understand your challenges and specifically builds the talk and designs solutions to address your exact needs.”

Leadership Topics

Doug uses relevant, interesting stories to drive home leadership points - here are just a few:

Just like the rules for your local raffle fundraiser, where participants must be present to win; leaders must be present with those they lead so they can win. Doug relates to your audience with his famous raffle story. Are your leaders passing up the higher value opportunities to lead? Are your leaders truly present with those they lead?

Your audience will gain a specific action plan to increase their presence as a leader.

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Lead Yourself First

Before you can contribute to or lead a group, you must be able to lead yourself.  And that means working on yourself and improving yourself, so you can be a contributor and not a distractor.