An Experienced, Credible Voice

Doug has Lived the Stories He Tells

From the shop floor to the executive suite, Doug has vast experience in developing leadership skills that relate to everyone in your organization. Now Doug brings his leadership principles to your team in captivating and inspiring presentations.

"Doug was an excellent speaker at our recent sales leadership conference. Doug was not only able to teach us the fundamentals of leadership and what it takes to succeed as a team, but had the entire room alive with energy! I could sense that everyone had the same notion of wanting to jump at the opportunity to work together."

Regional Sales Manager, Forterra

Presentations Built to Your Needs

Doug takes the time to learn your organization, understand your challenges and specifically builds his talk to address your exact needs. He will spend time in your operations observing and learning.

"If you want a canned presentation, call somebody else. If you want a customized talk, tailored to what you need, call Doug."


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