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Take Your Safety Program to the Next Level

Instant Credibility

We all want to take our safety program to the next level.

There is no greater way to learn about safety than from someone who has already done that in a big way.  Doug captivates people from the shop floor to the top floor. Doug will have instant credibility in your organization on the topic of safety from the front line to the executive suite.

Doug has incredible and fascinating safety stories to tell because he has lived them, and led people to achieve dramatic improvement in safety.

Doug’s previous company earned the honor of being one of America’s Safest Companies and Doug was selected as one of 50 people who most influenced Safety in America.

He is called often to speak on safety – and he has a message that will challenge all in your organization.

"We all must be on the same side of safety as the people facing the hazards."

Effective and Relevant

Doug takes the time to learn your organization, understand your challenges and specifically builds his talk to address your exact safety needs. He will spend time in your operations observing, learning and coaching. Doug combines your specific safety needs with his unique stories and principles.


“Doug took the time and effort to learn about us and prepare his message just for us. He was the best we have seen.”

- Bill Young

Manager of Safety Service

OGE Energy Corp

Safety Topics

Doug uses relevant, interesting stories to drive home safety points - here are just a few:

Most company safety programs are average. Some of them even fail. The ones that excel always have a secret element. All safety programs are made or lost over this one secret ingredient – and it is one element most overlooked by leadership. Doug reveals the secret to an excellent safety program to your audience in a way they will never forget. He uses your specific challenges and areas for improvement.  Then, he shows them how they can have that secret ingredient to make your safety program excellent.

Doug provides his book, “The Secret Ingredient to Safety Excellence” to each person in your audience.

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Expert Advice on Safety

Doug's published manual on how to achieve workplace safety excellence

What’s on Your Sign?

October 24, 2017

I simply spoke these words, “I will never trade your health and well-being for getting the lights back on or generating electricity.” I don’t know exactly where those words came from. I didn’t plan to say them. They weren’t formed during an executive off-site strategy session and I certainly didn’t…

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